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Super Shuttle, our client wanted to have developed kiosk software that will help the end-users print boarding passes and more, and we provided the same. Dot Net based middleware application... Read More

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The Chimera team developed a web-enabled solution which automated all the client’s manual processes of initiating training, selection of nominees, selection of trainers, topics, and collecting feedback from the participant,... Read More

Understanding of the existing application was the key, functionally and technically. Outsourcing adds up to this complexity. Our solution was to look at a quick requirement elicitation workshop. This workshop... Read More

We are aware that your business idea, make the ideal program mock-up with the ideal sections, set of most sought after attributes, and decide to try to make the most... Read More

Skill Evaluation for Numeracy Literacy Tests - The method was to build a web-solution in a well-organized plan that helps to evaluate questions and answers, and upload assignments given to... Read More

Having appropriate discussions with our clients, we came up with a flexible and scalable architectural design that allows the client to access a web-based enterprise framework. Based on the model,... Read More

We has large expertise and experienced techies to fulfill any requirement from you and the process starts from analyse, design, development, evaluation, and maintenance. We incorporate new technologies into clients... Read More