Bridging Nations: India's Strategic Balancing Act between Russia and America

India America Impact Summit: India has been playing between Russia and America.

Recently the American MP asked India to only maintain strong friendship with us. Indian-American lawmakers have said that lecturing India on human rights is unlikely to work. Congressional India Caucus Co-Chair and Congressman Ro Khanna along with three other Indian American lawmakers – Mr. Thanedar Pramila Jayapal and Dr. Ami Bera during a panel discussion Thursday during the Indian American Impact summit Desi Decides Talked on this matter.

Indian-American lawmakers have said that merely talking to India on human rights will not suffice. He stressed that he is in favor of dialogue with the leadership of the important country to express concerns on this issue. India will have to take strict steps towards human rights.

Congressional India Caucus co-chair and Congressman Ro Khanna joined three other Indian American lawmakers – Shri Thanedar Pramila Jaipal and Dr. Ami Bera spoke on the matter during a panel discussion during the India America Impact Summit 'Desi Decides'.

The MPs belonging to the Democratic Party reiterated that they will continue to raise the issue of human rights in India with their leadership. India has been colonized for over 100 years.

So, when we are talking about human rights, and you are talking to External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar or anyone else, you have to understand that you are just coming from the perspective of preaching to India. Khanna told members of the Indian-American community that it would not be beneficial when they say that the colonial powers have preached to us for hundreds of years.

Moderating the panel discussion, ABC national correspondent Zohreen Shah asked Khanna about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's relations with the Muslim community, to which he said that talking to India, there are flaws in our democracy here, what are the flaws in your democracy. And how can we collectively advance democracy and human rights, I think that's a