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Everything we buy from the market comes with labels. A label is instructions on how to use a product, nutrition information, or just a design to catch the consumer’s attention,... Read More

For Sugar production, sugar mills extract juice from sugarcane. After the extraction, the leftover remainings of fibrous materials are called Bagasse. This Bagasse has a very high demand in various industries... Read More

Automatic toast plant supplier | Pasta line supplier

If you are in need of setting up an automatic toast plant and pasta line, you can reach us for quality products for your plants at an economical rate. BBL... Read More

We are the leading supplier of Disposible Breathalyser in Canada.Road accidents happen every day all around the world. These road accidents happen sometimes due to drowsiness while at other times... Read More

The waste tyre recycling production line is widely used for processing and recycling waste tires, and producing variety rubber products, like playground runway, modified asphalt, rubber floor, rubber tube, rubber... Read More

Yuxi waste tire recycling machine is widely used for producing various rubber products, like playground runway, modified asphalt, rubber floor, rubber tube, rubber overshoes, etc. Waste tyre processing machine is our... Read More

The fully automatic plastic scrap dryer machines are one of the most important types of equipment or machines that are used primarily for efficiently drying the plastic that has been... Read More

We offer Waste Composting machinery and solutions. Organic Waste Composter, Composting Machine, OWC Machines, Our composter helps to recycle organic waste and thus, prevent Land, Air & Water pollution. On... Read More

stainless steel pipe expoerter

Santosh Steel India Pvt.Ltd is an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and is one of the leading stainless steel pipes and tubes exporter in Indiamanufacturing ASTM A312 Stainless Steel Welded Pipes.... Read More

Waste tyre shredder machine is our famous product with advanced technology and various capacity. We are waste tire shredder machine manufacturer, and can provide customers equipment in factory price. The twin... Read More