Finding and Managing Frequently Occurring Lead Sticking Points

If leads stall at any point in the sales process, it means they’re not progressing or joining the sales team. Let’s find out why this thing happens and how to fix it.

A factor that may be causing this could be that leads are not aware of the issue your solution will be able to fix. They may be unfamiliar with their own needs and the struggles they face. Thus, they remain passive and do not discern the need to solve the problem.

Therefore, it is possible that they lack information concerning your brand or solution. If the new subscribers don’t trust you, they won’t continue with the service. However, forcing too much information on them can push them off track, making them affected by cognitive overload.

In other cases, you might find out that the person you are dealing with is no longer part of the team that is making the decisions.

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Understanding and Addressing Common Lead Sticking Points

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