Garuda Aerospaces Drones – UAV Drones,Drones in chennai,industrial inspection

About Garuda:

Garuda Aerospace is a leading DAAS – Drone As A Service provider based out of India.
We are the only ISO 9001:2015 certified drone company in India. With a Pan-India presence, across 7 different metro cities and having conducted operations at 40 different locations, we have emerged as the most sought after DAAS provider in India.

We are constantly innovating, with a dedicated team for Research and Development. Our drones are custom built to suit the requirements of our clients. We offer a diverse range of services across different industries – Agriculture, Manufacturing, Wind Power, Solar Power, Electrical, Sanitisation, Forestry and Surveillance to name a few.

Our passion for change-making and problem-solving is unparalleled. Our Sanitisation Operations during the COVID19 pandemic, made us the first and only drone company to be officially endorsed by the Government of India for such operations. We also closely worked with the GOI to combat the deadly locust attacks.

NUMBERS – 47 Clients
50 Projects
40 Design Works
150 Employees



SURVEILLANCE – Surveillance is the close observation of a person, group of people, behaviours, activities, infrastructure, buildings for, influencing, directing, or protecting. There are several different methods of surveillance, including GPS tracking, camera observation, stake-outs, data mining and profiling, and biometric surveillance.

Traditional observational surveillance methods are typically limited by the stationary nature of the camera, which is usually handled manually or fixed upon a tripod or other structure. Aerial surveillance performed using a helicopter; whilst this achieves the desired result, it is also very costly.

Drones and UAVs provide the ideal solution to the problems and limitations faced by other surveillance methods.

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Garuda Aerospaces Drones – UAV Drones,Drones in chennai,industrial inspection.

Garuda Aerospace – We offer drone services for Agriculture, Pesticide Spraying, Mapping & surveying drones, Crowd Monitoring, Wildlife Monitoring, Power line Stringing, Aerial Inspection, Delivery, Wildlife Poaching,reforesting,logistics,chimney inspection,structural damage inspection,Inspection of construction sites.Drones have proven to be 50% more effective as opposed to manual workers performing similar operations.

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