Glycerol Market 2022 to 2028 Latest Industry Trends, Overview of Segments, New Technology and Growth

Glycerol Market 2022

Glycerol is a sugar by-product derived from sugar cane that is found primarily in raw fruits and vegetables. It is also produced in the small intestine and liver. Glycerol is a simple polyols compound. It’s a yellowish, colorless, tasteless, and non-toxic fluid. The glycerol backbone of glycerol is located in lipids called lipids. Because of its many health benefits, glycerol is used extensively in FDA-approved cold and wound removers. Its ability to draw moisture and replace damaged cells is what allows it to be so effective in treating these painful conditions. Because of its ability to change shape and become sticky when needed, glycerol is also used in the treatment of periodontitis and its gum disease-associated complications.

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Glycerol Market Dynamics
Increasing demand for glycerol from the personal care industry and growing demand for biodiesel from the transportation industry are a major factors driving growth of the glycerol market. Moreover, there is an increasing application of glycerol from the pharmaceutical industry which is again fostering growth of the market.

Glycerol Market Opportunities
Emerging applications of glycerol are projected to provide lucrative opportunities over the forecast period. Increasing demand for crude glycerol from animal feed over corn as it is cheaply available. Moreover, glycerol is an ideal diet for non-ruminants such as hens, pigs, etc. due to its high absorption rate. Furthermore, it is also used as raw material for the manufacturing of epichlorohydrin, syngas, and propylene glycol. Thus, emerging such application of glycerol is projected to foster market growth.

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