Keto ACV Gummies Shark Tank – Do keto ACV Gummies Help With Weight Loss?

The real question is: does apple cider vinegar help with weight loss? Let's see what the science says.

A 2020 systematic review of 13 human and 12 animal studies found that "due to inadequate research of high quality, the evidence for the health effects of AV is insufficient." [*] According to the authors, most of the literature on ACV suffers from issues including:

– Poor randomization protocols
– Blinding issues (participants and scientists may be aware of experimental outcomes)
– Placebo issues (it's challenging to find a suitable placebo for ACV that isn't also vinegar)
– Very high doses in animal studies that don't translate to humans
– Some studies were better than others, though. For instance, a 2009 Japanese study with 175 obese participants found that ACV supplementation significantly reduced body weight, fat mass, and triglycerides.[*] Compared to the placebo group, the high-dose ACV group lost 3.5 more pounds over 12 weeks.

Yet, according to the systematic review, that study had a high risk of bias around outcome blinding.[*] The researchers may have known which group was which, potentially biasing the findings.

This doesn't mean ACV is useless for weight loss. It just means we need larger, better studies on the topic.