Moon and Rahu Conjunction – Chandra Rahu Yuti

Rahu is a shadow planet in astrology, it is known as a sinful planet and it is inimical to the Moon. When the Moon combines with Rahu, then it is called Grahan Yog. A person becomes mentally unstable when Rahu and Moon come together but Rahu is research. If this Yog is formed by being strong in the center-triangle, then such a person applies his mind to research and becomes a great researcher. If Rahu is a factor of medicine, then such a person has a very good understanding of medicine. It is seen that in this Yog, the person stays away from his mother. If it is weak, then the person does not get the happiness of his mother. If Rahu is forming Raj Yog, then the person will be famous but will stay away from his mother. Mother has knee problems.