Noraa Organic Sanitary Pads – Cotton Sanitary Pads

Sanitary napkins are an essential part of any woman’s personal hygiene troupe. 100% organic, gentle on your skin, and super comfy. Every layer of the product is organic hence no dioxin which if present would lead to UTI, RTI, Infertility, Cervical Cancer, Rashes and Eczema. And of course, no chemicals or synthetics are used in the production of this awesome product! An environmentally responsible product that biodegrades completely in 6 months. Layers with super absorbent core for instant absorption that protects against leakage and wetness. Maintains PH-level to avoid any kind of disease. Use of zero chemicals and plastic, superior absorption and dryness, breathability makes sure the ideal PH-level is maintained for a happy and healthy you.

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