NPA announces date for ‘Ask Your Pharmacist Week 2024’

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has announced that Ask Your Pharmacist Week 2024 will be organised from 4-11 November across the UK.

This annual event aims to raise awareness of pharmacy services and to prompt conversations at a local level about community pharmacy’s role and benefits, the NPA
said in a statement.

Ask Your Pharmacist Week encourages local engagement through various activities such as window displays, social media campaigns, pharmacy visits by community
dignitaries, presentations to local patient groups, radio phone-ins, and TV.

The week holds a significant place in the pharmacy calendar, as NPA describes “it creates a “platform for public awareness activities that help patients and
stakeholders understand more fully the community offers.”

The NPA, which organises the campaign, emphasises the importance of making appropriate use of NHS services and increasing public awareness of the skills and
expertise available in pharmacies across the UK.