OKLAHOMA CITY HOTELIER Hemant Shantilal Mistry died on June 23 following an assault in his motel parking lot the previous night. Richard Lewis, 41, was
arrested in connection with the attack in which police say he punched Mistry, who died from the impact.

Mistry, 59, an AAHOA member, is the second Indo American hotelier this year to die from on-duty violence following the murder of Pravin R. Patel, owner of the
Hillcrest Motel in Sheffield, Alabama, in February.

A video of the assault has gone viral on social media, showing Mistry in a white t-shirt arguing with Lewis in a sky blue t-shirt. The argument escalates,
culminating in Lewis punching Mistry in the face. Mistry collapses as Lewis walks away. Police found Mistry unconscious around 10:00 pm and transported him to a
nearby hospital, where he died at 7:40 pm the following day from his injuries, according to a police report.