Smart City Kiosk Market Size and Share

The smart city kiosk market size reached US$ 29.3 Bn in 2023. Looking forward, Reports and Insights expects the market to reach US$ 50.4 Bn by 2032, exhibiting a growth rate (CAGR) of 6.2% during 2024-2032.

Smart city kiosks are innovative urban solutions that provide wide range of services and information to residents and visitors. These interactive kiosks offer real-time updates on weather, traffic, public transportation, events, and city services, enhancing convenience and connectivity in urban environments. In addition, smart city kiosks can offer Wi-Fi access, emergency alerts, and wayfinding assistance, making cities more accessible and efficient. Market solutions include touch-screen kiosks, solar-powered kiosks, and those equipped with sensors for air quality monitoring. As cities continue to embrace technology for urban management, smart city kiosks play vital role in supporting smarter, more connected, and user-friendly urban landscapes.