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What is the Voluntary Disclosure Program (VDP)?

It is important to note that not all Voluntary Disclosure applications will be approved by the CRA. Taxpayers can improve the chances of their applications being successful by inquiring about... Read More

Xero Accounting Services | Xerox Accounting Process | Call 9310165114

Xero Accounting Services provides flexibility and speed by providing a real-time view of your business finances anytime, anywhere, allowing you to manage your cash flow and business accounting easily. Especia... Read More

Both the Refundable tax credit and non-refundable tax credit can be utilized to offset tax liability. However, under the scenario that if you don’t have any tax payable, CRA will... Read More

Small Business Payroll Services & Software Toronto

Whether you are choosing to use Wagepoint, Quickbooks Online (QBO), Simple Pay, Wave, or Payment Evolution we are here to help guide and select the right payroll provider software for... Read More

When it comes to taxes many individuals have the tendency just to report their income and a few other expenses that they have become accustomed to collecting, such as medical... Read More

SDG Accountant‘s tutorial for clients on sharing their banking information with our firm or their accountant. These methods will allow their accountant to not lose track of any of their... Read More

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion (FEIE) is explained in section 911 of the 26th title of the official United States Code. Although some legalese and specialized accounting terms may be tough... Read More

Every business needs proper record keeping and accounting because, without proper record keeping, your business will not hit the heights you want to achieve. To make it possible, one must... Read More