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According to Sankhyadarshana (a system of Indian philosophy), it takes both purusha, the energy principle, and prakrti, the matter principle, to form life. What we perceive around us (drshyam) is... Read More

Settled in her dark and cozy room having ancient-looking green walls and a similar hued silk bedcover having golden motifs. Her shiny dark brown eyes filled with kohl and green... Read More

A vibrant, jewel-toned form of Lord Hanuman Watercolor Painting. A powerful warrior and a yogi of the highest order, He stands here with five (‘pancha’) faces ‘mukha’) and ten (‘dasha’)... Read More

A divine symbol of strength and energy, Lord Hanuman is majorly known for his selfless love and devotion for Lord Rama. He is the only deity who is still said... Read More

Radha is an inseparable part of Lord Krishna. In this section, portraits of their togetherness abound, each one depicting a hitherto unexpressed aspect. The one you see on this page... Read More

The undying image of Radha-Krishna’s togetherness is a favorite with makers of devotional art. The Radha Krishna-Madhubani Painting you see on this page depicts the amorous couple within the body... Read More

Son of Shiva-Parvati, prince of paraloka (the otherworldly realm of existence), Lord Ganesha reclines in the belly of a gigantic lotus bloom. Surrounding the golden pistil is a luxuriance of... Read More

A row of lotus buds grows from the murky waters of a pond in the woods. A layer of emerald-colored lotus pads coats its surface, from amidst which rise the... Read More

This Shrinath Ji Watercolor Paintings art enables the users to have a life-like view of lord Shrinath Ji, who stands in his usual posture under the royal gold-plated shrine, decked... Read More

Mahakala comes from the Sanskrit maha (great) and kala (death or time) which translates that he is a deity beyond time. In Tibet, he is also called the Nagpo Chenpo,... Read More