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Tips on Writing a Compelling Synopsis for a Fiction Book

Tips on Writing a Compelling Synopsis for a Fiction Book

Submitted by • July 24, 2020

The synopsis is an important part of a book. It contains an overview of the major themes of its story, an explanation of its problem or plot, a brief description of its characters and conflict, and some hints on how the story unfolds and ends. In essence, your synopsis summarizes the content of your book. It can be likened to a peephole that lets your readers peek through, and understand the gist of the story you have written.

To determine whether or not your book is worth the time and money, many readers will most likely judge your book by its synopsis. For this reason, your synopsis should be compelling enough to convince the readers to invest in your book. This importance of the synopsis has been greatly taken into consideration when author Len Stage wrote the science fiction thriller book, The Brotherhood of the Wone. The book has a synopsis that does not only summarize its story, but also markets it by piquing the interest of the readers. To know how The Brotherhood of the Wone d

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