: How to Login Tp-link Extender Page ?

A user is advised to configure the Tp-link range extender according to the installation guide that comes along with the device. To determine the best Wifi signals in the range extender, a user has to take care of certain things. Once your router gets connected to the range extender, the Signal LED light of the range extender turns solid on. Users are recommended to use the interface during the setup process of a Tp-link range extender : How to Login Tp-link Extender Page ?

MAC filtering is a security-based method that is used as an Access Control to only allow the verified users to access the network. With the help of the MAC filtering option, a user can control the users connected to the range extender and also gain control over the usage of the Internet over the network. You can also keep a list with the help of a MAC filtering option according to which you can decide which devices you want to allow to get access and which devices you want to deny from accessing the Wifi.