URSA CONSULTANTS INC: The Accounting Experts in Philadelphia

The accounting experts here at Ursa Consultants are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) with a rich background in accounting, knowledgeable in a range of accounting principles, and able to offer you top-notch financial accounting services.

The most significant benefit of online bookkeeping services is the upkeep of correct records that can be relied upon by your company to make critical financial choices.

Jace has worked cross functionally between the accounting and finance functions of startups since 2014. He has led the functions of over 100 startups and spearheaded diligence efforts for over $900M in accumulated capital raised. Through his time auditing at KPMG and as an experienced consultant, Jace understands the requirements that investors, creditors and boards require of founders.

Ursa was started to provide founders with a partner they could look to for guidance, commitment and integrity in all the support he provides. With his years of experience, Jace has helped fill the gap that founders face as they outgrow their current external accounting and finance providers. Ursa has become the right partner for companies looking for scalable services and support. He loves to stay active, and is excited for the opportunities that clients come forth with.