If you have a task that needs a lot of concentration, a steady hand or quick fingers, outsourcing to the Philippines is going to be your best bet.

Offshoring outsourcing tasks to the Philippines is not new, but outsourcing virtual assistants has recently become popular.

Hiring Filipinos for outsourcing is fast and cheap. This article will tell you why outsourcing virtual assistants in the Philippines may be your answer.

Filipinos speak English fluently, are well educated (the literacy rate is 96 per cent). Filipinos are heavily invested in their education; they take pride in having completed high school or college, especially internationally-recognized universities like UST and De La Salle University. Filipino students who studied at prestigious American schools like MIT and Harvard return to the Philippines to work in outsourcing companies.

Filipinos are tech-savvy, with a strong command of social media and an excellent grasp of American pop culture. Filipino outsourcing employees know how to use technology well, which is why outsourcing virtual assistants in the Philippines is gaining more ground. Their fluency in English makes outsourcing tasks realizable because they can effectively communicate with clients all over the world.

In this article, we’re going to find out why most businesses from around the world are hiring virtual assistants from the Philippines, and why most of them outsource to the country.

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